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6 Years Warranty
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Welcome to the Royal Baby World™ | Baby Store
Welcome to the Royal Baby World™ | Baby Store

Customer Services


Shipping & Delivery

All shipping will be charged and the rate is based on location and weight. For Peninsula Malaysia, it takes two to three working days to arrive while for Sabah and Sarawak, it takes three to five working days to arrive. We deliver through City-Link Express or Pos for East Malaysia, therefore you can track your shipping through their website. Link here. If your item is damaged during delivery, you may inform us and return the item to our address.


Privacy & Security

At theroyalbabyworld.com, all the customers information is protected by our Secure Server Software (SSL) which fully encrypts and protects all of your personal data (name, address, credit card number).This would help to prevent any other people from using the details. Using your credit card at theroyalbabyworld.com is completely safe since secured server will ensure that personal details and your card details are transferred safely.

Be wary that we accept cookies and it will be collected for your best experience with our website. We remind you that cookies will never harms your computer or will exploit your information.


Returns & Replacements

All sold item(s) are warranty for a year, beginning on the date of your reciept. Only mechanical parts from strollers are covered by this warranty, such as wheels, frames, brakes, adjustable parts, or handle. We do not provide any warranty on fabric such as seat cover, canopy, basket, or any other. If your product is damaged, we provide spare parts for items sell in this website. Be inform that you need to keep any copy of your receipt to claim your warranty.

If you are planning to return your product for mending, you may return it to our address. The process may takes within a week.

If you are not satisfy with our product, you need to inform us in three (3) days after purchase and return the product within a week after date of the reciept.



Every order will be process within 24 hours of working day after the payment.


Payment, Pricing & Promotions

We accept major debit card or credit card such as VISA and MasterCard. Please ensure the card details you are using are registered to the billing address you have given us. When entering your card details please check the following:

  • You have entered the correct card type (eg Mastercard, Visa, Maestro)

All payment information is secured by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Server Software, thus protects your data. This also will prevent anyone from gain access from using your details. Again, it is completely safe to do any transaction through theroyalbabyworld.com.

Pricing in this website may be change without any informs beforehand. Any bargaining will not be entertain.

Any promotion done through this web will be subjected within a period given and price shown. If the promotion period ends, the price will be the same as original price.


Viewing Orders

To ensure your orders, you can track your order through the links given.


Updating Account Information

You may edit or change your information by login with your e-mail and then update the necessary details.